Why 2017 is an year of ChatBots?

2017 has been already proved to be the year of Bots(ChatBots to be more specific) as we reach towards the end of the year. With the rise in number of Mobile Apps in the market, there is a much saturation which leads to difficulty in finding the most relevant App for our need. Rather, handling many Apps for different needs is an irritating task. So having one solution to do all your jobs is interesting.



What are ChatBots?

So, what does the ChatBot mean? Many times when we chat to a Customer Support on any website, you get instant replies. These replies may not be necessarily by humans but ChatBots. ChatBots are automated scripts which are pre-trained to answer user queries. Bots in general are trained to do certain task like Book movie tickets etc.

After the Social Media Platforms, if anything has been successful in being at the top priority list of Smartphone users, then its is Chatting Apps. The most interesting part in this context arise when Facebook, the most popular social media platform introduce messenger platform with ChatBots referred as bots on Messenger. The main advantage to Messenger was being the largest User directory in any Social Media Platform.


All the major companies are announcing support to ChatBots by some or other way. Like LinkedIn. When LinkedIn released their new Desktop version, they included ChatBots. With this interesting feature, user can rather chat and get the answers instead of navigating to another page for chat. This is done by interacting through the pop-ups on their main feeds itself.

Starbucks, British Airways and eBay are few of other examples of companies which supports and implement ChatBots for their better functioning.

It is clear that, ChatBot is the future of Technology and the day is not far when bots will replace the Mobile Apps and we will do everything just by chatting.

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