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Facebook  is probably the most popular and most exciting social networking platform right now. It’s being used by almost everybody having an internet connection. To keep the using experience alive, Facebook has introduced few interesting features in the most popular social networking website. Here are few Facebook Features you should explore.

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Customized News Feeds – Facebook Features

Facebook is becoming more and more popular and almost every smartphone holder has the app in their smartphone. Its boring to see the news feeds loaded with irrelevant news feeds and posts. Also, the most important news feeds from your important people gets missed. But now we can customise what you want to see in your news feeds.

This can be done by prioritising your friends. You have to just star your important friends by tapping on their name and Facebook will make sure you see the posts from these important friends first.

Another best way to filter your news feeds is to un-follow people who you think are creating the mess in your news feeds. With this trick, you will still be in their friend list but bypass their irrelevant posts.

Chat Setting – Facebook Features

Remember those days when you used to use Yahoo Messenger over G talk? Just because you were shown online all the time to all your contacts? Now with your Facebook Messenger, you can remain visible to your selected friends and avoid all those unwanted Hi, Hello messages from those boring friends.

Adding Legacy Contact – Facebook Features

This feature is useful for those accounts whose owners are dead. You can add a legacy contact to your account who will be able to handle or de-activate your account after account holder’s death. Legacy contact can be your family member or a close friend.

Reviewing the Check-ins – Facebook Features

If you check in at certain places, Facebook will ask you to write a review about that place based on your experience. Of course, this is purposeful because Facebook wants to build a recommend-er system which helps it to suggest the best place is future to other users. After taking your review, when the next time any user checks in the same city, Facebook can recommend the place you reviewed.

There are many other new Facebook Features you must try but these are few of them. So update your Facebook app and give it a try.


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