Google joins Microsoft’s .NET Foundation

Microsoft’s annual Connect developer’s event is going on in New York currently and today is it’s second day. In an interesting announcement, Google has declared that, it is joining Microsoft’s .NET Foundation. It’s an interesting move from Google, the most popular search engine in the world.


.NET is one of the most remarkable contribution from Microsoft which is the major competition for Java which is used by Google for it’s Android platform. So no one has thought that Google will join hands with .NET. So now since Google is an official member of .NET Foundation, it joins the group of Red Hat, Unity, Samsung  JetBrains and Microsoft.

Google Cloud platform already allows developers to deploy its .NET applications via Windows Server. Google cloud also supports many .NET libraries. Chris Sells, Google’s Product Manager released a statement:

“.NET is a key component in the modern enterprise, and the Google Cloud Platform team has worked hard to ensure that .NET has first-class support on Google’s infrastructure, including excellent infrastructure for Windows. For years, Google has offered .NET libraries for more than 200 of its cloud services. More recently, we’ve built native GCP support for Visual Studio and PowerShell. Google is already an active contributor to .NET, including heavy involvement in the ECMA specification for C#. Joining the Technical Steering Group for the .NET Foundation expands our participation.”

Samsung is also committing its support to .NET on Tizen platform. “We looked into alternatives but .NET was superior. .NET has been around for a long time and we liked how open Microsoft was about .NET”, Said Hong-Seok Kim, Samsung. Samsung developers will now make use of web framework and C API along with .NET framework to write their applications.

After Microsoft’s announcement of joining Linux Foundation, this news from Google makes us believe that the things are changing between these tech giants slowly. Finally Dogs and Cats are living together.

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