Microsoft Joins Linux Foundation

Microsoft Joins Linux.

Yes. You read it right. Microsoft has really joined Linux Foundation as a high paying platinum member. Isn’t it a pleasant surprise? When Microsoft is well known to us for providing all paid and proprietary softwares which is exactly opposite to what Linux does, this step from Microsoft is quite shocking.

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Although under the leadership of CEO Satya Nadella, we see tremendous change in Microsoft. Things started changing when the Executive members started working under their new CEO and now Microsoft Joins Linux. Microsoft has contributed in lots of Linux Foundation projects from past few months including OpenDaylight, Open Container Initiative, R Consortium and Open API Initiative.

The announcement was made during Microsoft’s Connect developer conference on Wednesday held in New York. Executive Vice President of Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Group, Scott Guthrie released a press statement stating,

“As a cloud platform company we aim to help developers achieve more using the platforms and languages they know; The Linux Foundation is home not only to Linux, but many of the community’s most innovative open source projects. We are excited to join The Linux Foundation and partner with the community to help developers capitalise on the shift to intelligent cloud and mobile experiences.”

Linux Foundation also looks happy with this Microsoft’s change in its contribution towards open source community. Executive Director at Linux Foundation, Jim Zemlin stated in a press report,

“Microsoft has grown and matured in its use of and contributions to open source technology; The company has become an enthusiastic supporter of Linux and of open source and a very active member of many important projects. Membership is an important step for Microsoft, but also for the open source community at large, which stands to benefit from the company’s expanding range of contributions.”

Microsoft has recently released Visual Studio Code to users. So the day is not too far when Microsoft will be known for its open source softwares.

At the same time, there is an interesting surprise from Google as well. The most popular search engine is joining .NET platform. It’s time for a change.


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