RAJKARNI – Android App for Goan Politics

With the Goa Assembly Elections approaching in a week, a Goan Start-up IT firm, TechNirmiti Solutions has launched a special mobile Android App “RAJKARNI“. It is the first kind of App which is specially dedicated to Goan Politics. Let’s know more about this App.


“This app is developed for a social cause, to make people aware of each and every candidate who is contesting this Goa Assembly elections, to help voters to get insights about the candidates and to make people well aware about the person whom they are voting”, Shrikrishna Parab, CEO- TechNirmiti Solutions said during the launch event.


By using this app, voters will get the list of all the candidates contesting Goa Assembly elections. They will further get all the personal details about the candidate, information about candidate’s assets, their criminal records and their party affiliations. This information is provided for this elections to be held in 2017 as well as Goa Assembly Elections held in 2012. So voters can compare any candidate in both these years for their assets and criminal records.

Another interesting feature of this app is Favorite Candidate. This feature lets you choose the favorite candidate in your constituency to get the actual feel of voting.

“Most important factor which was in consideration while developing this app was to give Candidate’s data which is in public domain to every voter of Goa. While filing the nomination forms, candidates have to sign an affidavit stating all their personal, professional, financial and criminal details. While this data is naturally ignored by the people since, accessing it is a time consuming process”, He further added.

This App received a great response from Goan users, when it got more than 300 downloads in just 4 hours and the downloads count is still rising. While this app is only available for Android users, we hope to to get it for iOS users soon.

Altogether, the idea as well as overall user experience of this app is appreciable. So every responsible Goan should download this app. You can download it on Google Play.



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